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Useful Resources on the NET

Below is is a list of some of the sites which I have found useful...Some are search engines and others are various resource tools. Book a plane ticket. Read the newspaper, get a map. Use the phone listing to locate that long lost pal. Check out everything these links have to offer. I have attempted to provide a brief description whenever possible.Go Explore!
  • A Listing of useful Sociology Sites
  • Here is a collection of sites about Virtual Communities
    Webcrawler | Altavista | Yahoo! | Lycos | Magellan | Excite | Infoseek | Metacrawler |C|Net | SilverPlatter | WWW Worm | Opentext | W3 | A2Z Solutions rapid web search| Mamma Search| GO Network | SavvySearch| Ask Jeeves| SNAP| MSN |
    SHABOOM Rapid Web Directory | IWON.COM | Google | Netscape | 4anything | SearchGOV.com | GoTo.Com |
    | About.COM | Search WashingtonPost.Com |
    Locate Somebody:
    | Switchboard | Bigfoot | PeopleFinder | WhoWhere | 555-1212.COM | Netscape People Finder |
    | Yahoo! People Search | SNAP White Pages| Classmates.Com |
    Map Engines:
    | Yahoo! Maps | MapQuest | MapsOnUs| | Microsoft TerraServer Photo Maps| U.S. Gazetteer|
    | Landview III Mapping Software|Topos from Maps.COM | American FactFinder Census Maps | Census TIGER Mapping Service | U.S. Census MapStats| CensusGEO Map Gallery | MapBlast |
  • WAIS search page searches government documents.
  • hytelnet is a telnet search, use it to find libraries, freenets, and other awesome telnet sites.
  • USENET news search.
  • news browser
  • VERONICA searches gopher.
  • how about the web's virtual library?
  • or the internet's public library?
  • Here is a nice collection of Interent search tools from LSU
  • December's list.
  • Get all kinds of net resources from the LSU Webliography
  • latvia's page has some internet resources.

    Need a Newspaper?
  • USA Today
  • New York Times
  • Knight Ridder Newspapers/Newstand
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • New Orleans Times Picayune
  • Baton Rouge Advocate
  • San Jose Mercury News This is the paper that broke the CIA Crack Connexion Story
  • Kansas City Star

  • wolf's list has stuff like geographical info, dictionary and thesaurus, shopping, etc.
  • Need to locate a long lost pal? try this phone book
  • area code search.
  • look for friends with this, or businesses with that.
  • Accurate Eye's Reference Desk
  • The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Galaxy's EINET Reference
  • The Internet Public Library (IPL) Ready Reference Collection.
  • Quick Reference - The University of Texas at Austin
  • Ready Reference Using the Internet
  • Almanac links from K-State Library
  • A&E Biography's collection of Biographies
  • Biography links from K-State Library
  • Census Data links from K-State Library
  • Dictionary links from K-State Library
  • Directory links from K-State Library
  • Encyclopedia links from K-State Library
  • Genealogy links from K-State Library
  • Geography links from K-State Library
  • News links from K-State Library
  • Telephone links from K-State Library
  • explore some info archives, or
  • create your own webpage.
  • search more with a handy guide, or
  • the infohighway.
  • how about an internet manual, or some net tools?
  • if you dare, explore the big dummy's guide to the internet.
  • find a career that's right for you. Yanoff's list is great.
  • like gopher? try this, that, or another. (you can access talkers through gopher!)
  • try this onefor size.
  • check out the gopher jewels.
  • and let's not forget about spiders and crawlers!
  • see some cool finger sites
  • How about a disposable e-mail adress, free?
  • Generate your own webpage right online free
  • Get a free Stock Quote in real time
  • check the weather
  • or today's events.
  • Need to get a computer Cheap?Bid on one in this auction.
  • Need To book an Airplane Ticket? here is a link to Over 100 Major Airlines
  • WBRZ-TV Cahnnel 2 Baton Rouge, La NEWS
  • Kansas State University
  • The Mission: Impossible Home Page
  • Weather for Manhattan, KS
  • F-Prot Anti Virus Software Latest Update
  • CNN Interactive
  • Agri Alternatives--Technology and Rural Development
  • Leonard Bloomquist's Internet Homepage
  • W. Richard Goe's Internet Homepage
  • Mike Timberlake's Internet Homepage
  • Kansas State Bank
  • Technology and Social Change
  • K-State White Pages
  • UPS Package Tracking
  • Cyber Cards

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