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Virtual Communities

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Virtual Communites, also Called Electronic Communites or On-lineCommunities, are places where social interaction takes place over the Internet. Basically this can occur via e-mail, the Web, or otherforms of CMC such as Usenet newsgroups, MUDs/MOOs/MUSHs, IRC/mIRC, Talkers, ICQ, Usenet, WebChatting etc...
  • Homepage for the#Friends IRC/Community Survey Project
  • Abstract of my Master's Thesis (ASCII text format)
  • Abstract of my Master's Thesis (HTML text format)
  • My Master's Thesis (Wordperfect 6.1 Format)
  • My Master's Thesis (ASCII Text Format) Excludes Tables
    KSU Article about my Thesis
    Included here is is a list of some of sites which I have found discussthe phenomenon of "Virtual Communites." The sites are listed in Alphabetical Order by title or description
    (Omitng articles such as "A," "An," or "The")
  • Americans in the Information Age Falling Through the Net: July '99 U.S. Dept. of Commerce
  • The Center For Democracy and Technology
  • The Center for On-Line Addiction (COLA)--> Dr. Kimberly S. Young
  • The Center for the Study of Online Community
  • COMM-LIST Community Sociology Discussion Group (LISTSERV)
  • Computer Use in the United States: U.S. Census Bureau
  • Course onthe Sociology of the Internet
  • The Culture of the Internet and Usenet
  • Cultures of theWeb
  • Cyberspace and Web Sociology
  • December's CMC Page
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: Virtual Community Archive
  • Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  • GVU's WWW User Surveys--Demographics of the Web
  • Harvard Conference on Internet and Society
  • Howard Rheingold, the man who coined the phrase "Virtual Community"
  • Infoseek Search Results for "Virtual Communities"
  • The International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)
  • The Internet and Its Impacts on Society: University of Maryland Fall 1999 Lecture Series
  • Internet Gender Online Research (IGOR)
  • Journal of Computer-MediatedCommunication
  • The Journal of MUD Research (JOMR)
  • K-State Collegian article on Internet Addiction
  • The Microchip Society: A Study of Computer-Mediated Social Life "internet chatting"
  • MUD Research by DannyCools
  • MUD Resource Collection
  • Online Communities
  • Online Communities: Sociability and Usability
  • The Path:site about Cybersociology
  • Progress Freedom Foundation. Cyberspace and the American Dream. Availiable via e-mail
  • PsychologicalResearch on the Internet
  • The Psychology of Virtual Communities by Storm A. King
  • Release 2.0: A Designfor Living in the Digital Age, by Esther Dyson
  • The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
  • Running Down the Meme: Cyberpunk, alt.cyberpunk and the Panic of '93
  • Social NetworkAnalysis Resources
  • A SocietalModel of Usenet
  • Speed andInformation: Cyberspace Alarm!
  • Studying Online Social Networks
  • Is There a There in Cyberspace: John Perry Barlow
  • Thinking About Online Communications: Phil Shapiro
  • Towards an Anthropology of Internet Communities: Bibliography
  • Tracie'sCommunication Resources On the Web
  • University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
  • Virtual Communites: The 90's Mind-Altering Drug or Facilitator of Human Interaction
  • Virtual Community: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Virtual Teaching in Higher Ed: The New Intellectual Superhighway or Just AnotherTraffic Jam?
  • Virtual Worlds Resources
  • The Well (Whole Earth 'LetronicLink)
  • Barry Welman'shomepage
  • meets and Relationshipsvia CMC
    Others with similar research interests in Virtual Communities
  • Jeanne A.B. Calabro
  • Dico
  • Christy Halbert
  • Dr. Peter Kollock
  • Walter Barry Rogerson
  • Dan Ryan
  • Phil Shapiro
  • Marc A. Smith
  • Jennifer Vaughn Trias
  • Mark E. Tisdale

    Tips/Hints/Best Pratices for developing Web-based survey applications:

    1. Reference Site - W3C HTML Page
    2. Reference Site - Browser Caps (Browser Capabilities)
    3. Article - Site Usability Evaluation
    4. Article - Why less is more...stable...functional...compatible...
    5. Article - Design Constraints for Simplicity and Compatibility
    6. Article - Why advanced features can not be safely used in web applications
    7. Article - Partial list of JavaScript problems for different browsers
    8. Article - Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design
    9. Article - How Users Read on the Web
    10. Article - Building Forms with Tables

    This page is still under construction, if you know of any names or sites which should be added to or removed from this page, please e-mail me,
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